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Lady Hsi-Ling-Shih, wife of mythical Yellow Emperor who was said to have ruled China in about 3000 BC, was attributed by Chinese Legend as Goddess of Silk. Better known for the invention of loom, she also introduced the process of silkworm-rearing. Half a cocoon of silkworm unearthed in 1927 from the loess soil astride the Yellow River in Shanxi Province (northern China), has been dated back between 2600 and 2300 BC.

During the last 30 years World silk production has approximately doubled despite man-made fibres replacing silk almost everywhere. Together manufacturing more than 50% of the world production each year, China and Japan had been the two main producers. Towards the late 1970's, dramatically increasing its silk production, China, who first developed sericulture thousands of years ago once again became the world's leading producer of silk.

Mahalekshmi Silks is a branded textile showroom and authentic expertise in silk and fashion dresses. Rooted in its rich heritage of silk and fashion designs, Mahalekshmi Silks focus on customer taste and experience, in choosing the genuine silk. After a successful stint at Thiruvalla, Mahalekshmi Silks is proud to present before you an explosion of dazzling silks in Kottayam.

In traditional villages, it is not a very uncommon niche to carry out hand weaving, designing, crafting, dying and printing as a culture. Mahalekshmi silks is proud to emulate that rustic, albeit a significant culture to impregnate new techniques of weaving and, new methods of crafting and designing.

With this, we stand out as one of the few authorities in craftsmanship and trend makers of the industry, that we have projected something different to create an array of consistent customers who are very peculiar to our service. Dealing with base material for apparels, thousands of boutiques in the state are depended upon us for supplies. Here, our relationships are greatly valued. We are deeply grateful to our suppliers and associates who have supported us in every endeavour. We solicit your continued support on this momentous occasion, as we prepare to wrap up Kerala in the finest of silks with our future ventures across the state.

To design and create a global brand in the fashion lifestyle industry, by developing our presence and availability of products and service through a chain of value added retail outlets, which exhibits a blend of the rich indian tradition and culture along with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

To understand and exceed the expectation of our customers, through a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals who will act as enablers to build a lifelong relationship with our customer by passion, commitment & dedication.

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